The Enclosed Cloud storage within the wall of your house.

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Omnicontext Cloud creates a safe, private and enclosed Cloud among your devices, no additional Cloud Service required.


All your data is stored only on your devices. The instances of data are all equal. Your files are never stored anywhere  



Replication between computers and devices is peer-to-peer, the data are never stored or transmitted anywhere else.


The full history of your files is registered in a blockchain, so versions can be tracked, changes can be monitored, and integrity of data can be guaranteed.


Have your files directly on your devices and synchronize them automatically each time they are updated. Access files online through a web browser.

Your Devices Are The Cloud

With Omnicontext Cloud your computers, phones and other devices become components of a fully decentralized storage platform. Each of them always runs the Omnicontext Cloud software in the background. It knows what otherdevices participate in your private cloud and synchronizes files across all those devices.

Where Omnicontext Cloud Store Information

The list of all participating devices is stored in the metadata blockchain, which is replicated to all devices. There is no other place where this information is available: not at Hypersoft, and not at any other network or cloud provider.

You can access your Omnicontext Cloud directly on your devices in the same way as any other local files. No need to configure network drives or web storage locations.

The only visible difference is a special Omnicontext Cloud folder icon, so you know its content belongs to your private cloud. There is also a tray icon on your Windows computer, which you can use to access status information and settings.

Omnicontext Cloud use DNS to locate other participating devices within your cloud.

You can run your own DNS server or use the service of any Internet domain registrar. For this you will need to have an Internet domain that you own.

If you do not want to register your personal Internet domain, Hypersoft runs a free DNS service for our customers, with individual subdomains of

If your DNS is hosted by Hypersoft or by any public domain registrar, your files are never stored or transmitted there. They always remain on our own devices

You Install

You need an Internet domain, for which you have a permission to edit DNS records. If you have access to a Windows DNS server on your network, it can be used for Omnicontext Cloud. If your domain is hosted by a public Internet registrar, Omnicontext Cloud can directly use its DNS records.

We currently support, more registrars are coming soon. If you do not have your own Internet domain, you can use our service to host your records within a personal subdomain of Omnicontext This service is free for all licensed customers of Omnicontext Cloud.

Installing The Software

Run the downloaded installer on the first computer that will be used for your cloud storage. Choose create a new network when prompted. You will be asked for a domain name, enter the Internet domain that you own and can manage, or choose the free DNS service by Hypersoft. Use the default folder "c:\omnicontext cloud" for your storage, or modify the folder as you prefer. That's it.

Run the installer on other computers that are part of your storage network, and choose "join an existing network".

Using Omnicontext Cloud

The root folder of your Omnicontext Cloud is a normal folder on your device, same as any other. It shows a special Omnicontext Cloud icon, so you can easily see that it is part of your own cloud storage. Any file or subfolder that you create or modify in this folder will be replicated across all your devices so you can access it anywhere and anytime.

There is a Omnicontext Cloud tray icon on the desktop of your computer. Click it to view the status of your storage, the number of active nodes, and the file replication status. You can also use this icon to re-configure your storage as necessary.


Each device participating in your personal storage network

10,00 EUR per year


During a limited introduction period, the Omnicontext Cloud software beta version can be downloaded from this web site for free. After that, these prices will apply. We expect all personal storage networks created during the introduction period to be fully upwards compatible with the future production versions.


Each user accessing your company files

2,00 EUR per year

Private Cloud Storage Software

Personal devices may include Windows or Linux computers, or mobile phones. Each active device requires a license. The first week of personal use for every new personal cloud is free. After the expiration of the first week the annual fee can be paid through any of the mobile apps, or invoiced to the customer to be paid by a wire transfer.

Payment through any one of the apps enables your personal cloud with the maximum number of nodes according to the paid license. Enterprise customers are licensed per domain user having access to the personal cloud. Special pricing for large installations may be available, contact Hypersoft for details.

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Coming soon